Am I Eligible For Oklahoma Medicaid?


Am I Eligible for Oklahoma Medicaid?

Around 70 percent of nursing home residents in the state of Oklahoma are on Medicaid, a federal and state-funded program for low-income individuals who lack adequate healthcare coverage. In Oklahoma, this program is operated by the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority (OHCA) and also goes by the name SoonerCare. SoonerCare has programs to provide benefits for people in various categories, including pregnant women and disabled children, but in this case we will focus on their program for Aged, Blind, and Disabled. Beyond covering most or all nursing home expenses, Medicaid may pay for many other healthcare related expenses, such as doctor's visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, and transportation to medical facilities. For a more comprehensive list of services covered by Medicaid in Oklahoma, click here.

With such an obvious benefit to a Medicaid recipient, the question becomes how to attain Medicaid in Oklahoma. Certain financial and age requirements must be met in order to qualify. In the case of Medicaid for the someone considering nursing home care, one must be over the age of 65 or have another qualifying medical condition, such as a permanent disability or blindness. Additionally, a person must be able to show that their income or personal assets are not greater than the program's limits. To find out if you or your loved one meets the criteria to be Medicaid eligible, contact the Department of Human Services (DHS). In Carter County and the greater Ardmore area, that phone number is (580) 490-3600, or you can visit their website here. Once approved, the Wilson Nursing Center would love the opportunity to visit with you about whether our facility can serve your longterm care nursing home needs. If you have further questions about how to become eligible for Medicaid in Oklahoma, the Wilson Nursing Center would be happy to assist you.